The Round 2 of MRF MoGrip Supercross National Championship 2019 was held at Bangalore yesterday. C D Jinan wins the SX1 Moto 1 and 2 to become the champion in the round 2 as well. SX1 Moto2 was a close competition between C D Jinan, Pramod Joshua and Mahesh VM. In the final lap Joshua slipped and Mahesh crossed him to second place. Jinan as usual being an undergo for first few laps found his perfect moment to his final glory with his years of experience that he carries on the track.

The Junior class was the most favorites among the crowd. They were surprised to see so many young children taking up motorbikes as their alternate sports. The youngest rider of 4 years stole the hearts of the crowd with his performance of a lap around the ground. One of the spectators commented, “at his age, I didn’t even know cycling, seeing these kids on motorcycles is a pure bliss”.

The FMX stunt by Shawn Webb and Jordan have kept the audience entertained. Those perfect somersaults and the Namastes were keeping the audience at their feet. It was not just the race which has drawn the Bangaloreans; they were here in numbers to check out these dare devils on the sky.

Kali Mohan, Rajendra R E, Imran Pasha, Ankush Rao, Pramod Joshua, Yuvraj Kondedeshmukh, Jinendra Sanghave won Novice, Locals Class, Indian Experts, Private Experts, SX2 Group A, Junior SX1 and Junior SX2 classes respectively.

Bengaluru’s Round 2 has been a great success with the weather being favorable to the event and the organizers, Godspeed Racing, have done a marvelous job in organizing and executing this event.

Round 3 will be held on 13th October at Baroda with a whooping long gap for our racers to have more time to practice and come back on track with more power and more enthusiasm.



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