Nashik: Championship leader R Natraj braved heavy torrential rains to win the Rally of Nashik, the fourth round of the MRF MoGrip FMSCI National two wheeler rally championship on 4th June 2017

As if the Sarul Hills, a major stone mining area in the outskirts of Nashik, was not enough a challenge in itself without the intervention of nature, heavy pre-monsoon showers made things difficult on a wet Saturday through afternoon and into late evening.  Reigning Desert Storm champion Natraj nosed ahead right from the flag-off and posted fastest timings in all stages to leave the opposition way behind in the overall standings.


Class 1  R Natraj (TVS RTR 450FX)

Class IA

  1. Sanjay Kumar (CRF450)
  2. Sanket Shanbhag (WR450)
  3. Yashraj Rathore (Husgverna350)

 Open Class

  1. Gratias John
  2. Mahesh Chandu
  3. Pradeep N

 Class 3

  1. Immn Pasha
  2. Febin Jose
  3. V Trinesh

Class 7 (Scooter)

  1. Pinkesh Thakkar
  2. Shekharan Ermael
  3. Zeeshan Ali Sayed

Class 8 (Ladies)

  1.  Aishwarya Pissay
  2. Harshitha Raj Gowda
  3. Fazeela U

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