R Nataraj reclaimed his glory after losing round three of INRC Pune from his teammate Rajendra RE last week

He clocked the overall time of 31min 56 seconds. While Suhail Ahmed a privateer from Bengaluru finished first runner-up with close to 1min 21 seconds. Nataraj’s Team mates from TVS Racing Samuel Jacob and Imran Pasha finished in third and fourth position respectively.

Sachin D  Privateer from Benaluru finished Fifth. Rajendra RE winner in pune round ran out of luck after he crashed in the first stage and finished 8th.

“It was an awesome track I could have finished the competitive section in even better timing had the traffic been smoother “said Natraj “The competition was too high Sohail Ahmed gave a good fight” he added

Aishwaraya  pissay from TVS Racing  in the fourth consecutive victory in ladies class and she secured her championship title


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